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French Omelet

Mar 22, 2021

Thoughtfully crafted in-house by Culinary Director Chef John Brand and his team, our Emma’s Provisions line delivers just the flavors you need to elevate every at-home meal. Each of these unique products is available to purchase at Larder and in our online boutique.

A paradigm of simplicity and old-school technique, the French omelet (from the late 15th-century Middle French “amelette”) is a thing of minimalist beauty. Crafting this classic dish is easy… with a patient hand. Traditionally, the omelet is unfilled and focused solely on its fluffy, custard-like finish, which is achieved by steadily shaking the pan to break up curds. Chef Brand’s version, however, is brimming with sharp cheddar cheese and garnished with Emma’s Provisions Chile Pepita Crunch for added texture with every bite. The relish-style topping is made with pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp hearts, roasted garlic, sunflower oil, and morita chile. Très magnifique! Click below to download this recipe.


Serves: 1 Guest

–  2 large local eggs

–  Salt and pepper

–  Avocado oil

–  Fresh chopped parsley, chive, chervil and dill

–  2 oz Emma’s Provisions Chile Pepita Crunch

–  Sharp cheddar cheese


Quickly whisk eggs in a mixing bowl until well combined and one strand pulls through when lifting the whisk.

Heat nonstick pan on low to medium heat with a splash of avocado (or sunflower seed) oil. Add eggs and vigorously shake pan to form a solid mass. Tilt pan and move wet eggs with spatula to form a flat mass, and add cheese. Roll eggs in pan from end to end to create a cylinder, and transfer to a plate for serving. Garnish with fresh herbs and Chile Pepita Crunch.

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