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In the Air: Miracles and Memories

May 11, 2016

“I wanted the fragrances to evoke history… concrete, velvet, steel, books, old wood. The fragrance had to be an extension of the place.”

— Kevin Elkins, creator of our custom fragrances

Bottles of fragrance and candles

Fragrance greets you as you step into our lobby. It’s ephemeral, complex and conjures the essence of the hotel. In spring and summer, it ’s Milagros (miracles), a verdant scent of botanicals and the faintest hint of spice. The fragrance for cool months is Recuerdos (memories) — rich, smoky and evocative of sun-warmed South Texas stone and wood.


The fragrances are just two of the many details we obsess about to make your stay an inspiration for many return visits. So, when Hotel Emma was still a renovation construction site, Kevin Elkins, owner of Soular Therapy, worked with the hotel’s creative team to develop the scents  “I wanted the fragrances to evoke the history of the brewery at its peak, so I thought about materials you may not think have fragrance, but they do… concrete, velvet, steel, books, old wood. The fragrance had to be an extension of the place.”


Vials of fragrance on tin box

Kevin has the extraordinary ability to translate thoughts, vision and desires into fragrance notes that become an olfactory composition. He established Soular Therapy in 1999 to formulate complex, enlightened fragrances. “I don’t do ‘fantasy fragrances’… I use unexpected notes from real things like green weeds, limes tone, earth, burlap, woodsmoke, iron, wildflowers… the possibilities are endless and enticing.”


Enticing, indeed. Milagros and Recuerdos are available at Curio, Emma’s shop. Wear the gentle unisex formulas as cologne, mist a room or spritz your bed linens. Fragrance is a powerful evocator of emotions and memories. May Milagros and Recuerdos bring you many happy ones.

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