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The Heart of Our Glass

Go behind the scenes of the family-run business responsible for crafting Emma’s treasured Mexican glassware.

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Doing Time

“I always got a great vibe from Pearl’s old buildings at night… I could put myself in the mindset of the people of that time period.”— Scott Martin, Artist

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By the Books

“This library is personal and particular and very human.”   — Sherry Kafka Wagner, author, playwright, urban planner, historian

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Generous Helping

“What we do is who we are. Cooking, serving… it’s our oxygen and our religion. I want to say, ‘I made this. I did this.’ I’ll never not cook.”  — John Brand, Culinary Director, Hotel Emma; Executive Chef, Supper

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Heavy Metal

“Blacksmithing in July in South Texas: you just drink lots of water and suffer. Maybe it’s good for the soul.”   — Robert Diaz de Leon

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Protector of the Historic Fabric

“My role at the hotel was to make sure that new construction was compatible with the soul and bones of the building.”   — Jeffrey Fetzer, FAIA

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