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The Tiny Finch

May 12, 2016

“I buy at a visceral level, it’s almost instinctive. I just KNOW when something belongs in the store and that customers will love it as much as I do.”

— Courtney Beauchamp, owner/buyer, The Tiny Finch

Necklaces, a ring, and earring on a wooden table


A contemporary table lamp with a shade made of precisely aligned porcupine quills. A necklace of bone beads daringly accented with mine-cut diamonds. Big waffle pique linen towels from France. Yards of vintage fabric with grandma’s attic provenance. Chic dog toys. Elegant cards letter-pressed with sublime or ribald messages. Startling and delightful juxtapositions define The Tiny Finch, which owner Courtney Beauchamp succinctly describes as “a lifestyle store.”

At Pearl and a short stroll from Hotel Emma, it’s a smallish place that’s abundant with handsome and curious things, but feels open and airy and thoughtfully organized. You’ll find yourself browsing from one delicious find to another, moving through a tactile and visual feast of items you won’t find anywhere else in San Antonio. Courtney’s eclectic vision is evident in treasures she’s found on buying trips to NYC and Paris. Soon, she plans to travel to Japan and Turkey for new discoveries to tempt and gratify us.

Stack on towels on a stool

Pillows and various glass bottles on two shelves


Rolling up the sleeves of her steel-gray linen top, Courtney declares, “Don’t underestimate the emotional value of ‘stuff.’ Granted, money can’t buy happiness, but a gorgeous scented candle makes you smile and your favorite jewelry gives a little quiet joy every time you wear it.”

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