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Unforgettable Objects of Desire

Jun 10, 2016

“I want a guest to actually be glad they forgot something, because it led them to unexpected discoveries at Curio, whether it’s a scarf, a tote or toothpaste.”

— Vicky Zachry, retail curator, Curio

Tray full of luxurious toiletries

You’ve efficiently packed every little thing… your spare earbuds, extra contact lenses, even fresh batteries, just in case. But not toothpaste. Great. No, it really is , because when you pop down to our shop, you’ ll find Marvis, the Italian toothpaste with the cult following. You may never go back to Colgate.

Expect the unexpected at Curio, Hotel Emma’s gift shop, which is so much more, thanks to Vicky Zachry, who carries the title of “ retail curator.” She approaches the shop as a collection, rather than merchandise. So, you’ll find goods that range from a pavé diamond pendant to herbal hand cream made by a nice lady in San Saba, Texas. It ’s an alluring, eclectic array with common threads: good design, artisanal quality and confident style.

Shirts hanging on hangers

Vicky’s deep experience in the retail world — clothing, apothecary, home and lifestyle — informs her decisions at market in New York, while her connections with Texan, Mexican and South American artisans bring extraordinary items to Curio’s shelves. Hotel guests and locals-in-the-know peruse natural-colored virgin wool throws from Mexico, rustic-chic leather goods made in a 1909 factory near Houston, Hotel Emma’s own seersucker  “guayarobes, ” which are made right here in San Antonio. And that ’s just an inkling of the unusual and handsome things found at Curio.

Cocktail and tray of drink ingredients

Many of the hotel’s custom items are also for sale: the extremely popular fragrances, Milagros and Recuerdos, the handmade in-room turquoise glassware, etched water bottles and the rustic “ icebox” keychain…genial mementos of your stay at Hotel Emma.

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